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About Industry

The industrial, agricultural and service development has become the goal of the whole world, and the industry has developed in particular during the current century and uses science and high technologies in all walks of life at all levels. The measure of people's strength is now not as much as it possesses a military force but rather as much as it has economic power and high technologies, and this development contributed to and made progress in the welfare of human societies. Syria has recently tried to increase and develop its local industry, and has taken notable steps at all levels. As a country trying to strive at a fast pace towards developing its economy, Syria can enjoy an abundance of raw materials and raw materials
Syria has a moderate Mediterranean climate suitable for setting up huge industrial projects, in addition to its geographical location in Western Asia on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, which is considered a strategic location from a commercial point of view at the meeting of the three continents (Asia, Europe and Africa), and Syria is a stable country, characterized by stable security A stable internal life, and an abundance of qualified and educated manpower, which encourages the foreign investor and gives greater opportunities for the success of these investments and their development.

Industry Snapshot

Aleppo Industry announces the completion of manufacturing the first fully Syrian industrial respirator in 2020

Aleppo Chamber of Industry prepares to launch the first virtual specialized exhibition

Aleppo Chamber of Industry allocates 10 million pounds to improve the service and production reality in the old industrial area of Sheikh Najjar